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Teacher Training – How to Teach Online – Remote Teaching 1Hr

Teacher Training - How to Teach Online - Remote Teaching 1Hr

Crash Course! Learn to Teach Online. Coronavirus Has Now Made Online and Remote Teaching a Necessary Teaching Skill

What you’ll learn

  • How to Teach Online
  • Look Comfortable on Camera
  • Basics of Lighting,Camera and Backdrops
  • Build Confidence Speaking and Teaching on Camera
  • Learn Online Student Engagement Techniques


  • Computer or Cell Phone with a Camera


(Please note this is a beginner course designed to be completed in less than one hour for classroom teachers who are looking to become more comfortable and confident teaching online.)

Online Teacher Training

The Coronavirus has changed the world. Teachers who have spend a lifetime teaching students in the classroom must now learn (quickly!) how to teach students online and in virtual classrooms.

This course is designed for busy, stressed teachers who are battling numerous crises at the moment and don’t have time for a 1-3 day course on online teacher training. This course can be completed in less than one hour!

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