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Retail Store Operations and Store Management

Retail Store Operations and Store Management

Opening a retail store is a serious affair and requires meticulous planning and detailed knowledge.

What you’ll learn

  • Explain the Various Elements of Retail Store Operations
  • Explain What is Store Design and Layout
  • Explain the Types of Floor Plans
  • Explain What are Planograms
  • Explain the Types of Visual Product Placement
  • Explain the Role of Signage in Retail Stores
  • Explain the Role of Coupons in Retail Marketing
  • Explain What is Guerrilla Marketing
  • Explain What is Impulse Buying
  • Describe the Responsibilities of a Store Manager
  • Explain the Purpose of Mannequins In Retail Stores
  • Explain What is Up Selling
  • Explain What is Inventory Management
  • Describe Factors Affecting Buying Decision of Customers
  • List Tips for Efficient Store Operations and Management


  • No prior knowledge is required.

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